Daily timesheet form

This form allows you to enter all details about the time record, and is most suitable if you intend to charge customers for your time.

Select your client, and all details.

Enter your time manually in time units – by default 1 time unit = 1 minute, but you can change it in Settings > General Settings – search for Time Units.

Enter start and end time (with break) to calculate time units manually, and keep exact records of timing of your work.

For overnight shifts, click ‘Show Dates’ and you can choose the exact date & time stamp for your work.

If you prefer entering time units manually, simply check ‘Manual Time’ and enter the value in Time Units

Fee that will be charged to the customer will be pre-filled based on Activity Type – but can be updated for this activity.

For Action – this is a simple reminder setting – you can access all your Activities marked For Action in Reports > TimeSheets