Manage Permanent Roster records

Menu: People > Rosters > Manage Permanent

This form allows you to review all your Permanent Roster entries, and update them in bulk: change Team Member, Site or Activity Type. You can also review all errors that you’ll encounter during a rollover process: Inactive User / Site, or Team Member with scheduled holidays. You can also edit or delete selected shifts.

Manage all permanent rosters from this site, and roll over to actual rosters.

Filter: you can view shifts with particular error. Note that you may see different Status on some records, as Status is only assigned at first error encountered.

Permanent errors are displayed always. To review issues for next roster, enter dates and hit ‘Get Summary’. Count of all warnings and error will display.

If there’s an active rollover in progress, you cannot change dates. You can only open a new rollover for new dates only after you close the current rollover.

Create new rollover

  1. Enter dates for the rollover period.
  2. Hit ‘Get Summary’ and review all findings.
  3. Hit ‘Create Rollover’.

After you hit ‘Create Rollover’, all entries without errors will be created in Actual Roster.

Managing and completing a rollover

Rollover is not finished with creation. There may be shifts that cannot be rolled over: either users are no longer active or for other reasons. You can filter these shifts and update them to clear any issues.

Managing Permanent Roster Shifts

This report displays all Permanent Roster shifts, with their review in Status column. You can filter all columns, and also use the most common filters to review all records for any issues found in them.