Sample invitation e-mails

Sample invitation e-mails

When the e-mail is sent from us:

Subject: Olivs :: Invitation to join Olive Orchard Company

Dear Jane,

Henriette Smith invited you to join Olivs.App file for Olive Orchard Company.

Olivs.App helps Olive Orchard Company in managing and automating their business processes.

Read more about this invitation

If you already have an account with Olivs, log in to accept the invitation. If you don’t have the account, register one here.

If you also want to start using Olivs OnTime, see our installation guide here.

Make sure you get the most out of Olivs.App – visit our website to find out about us and find guides and tutorials.

Olivs Team and Olive Orchard Company

When the e-mail is sent from your address:

Subject: Invitation to join Olivs.App

Dear Jane,

We are enhancing and automating our time management system. This change will affect the way you will report your attendance, and how your reports will be processed and verified.

We have partnered with Olivs.App to deliver a phone-based app allowing you to report your arrival, breaks and departure from sites. These reports will create your timesheets automatically.

Get on board by taking these steps:

  1. Register with Olivs to gain access to the service. If you already are registered, log in
  2. When you are in, you will see Olive Orchard Company in Pending Invitations – accept the invitation to continue.
  3. Install Olivs OnTime on your phone.

The below links can help you get the best out of Olivs and get you up to speed:

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