How to move to new business and bring Team along

How to move to new business and bring Team along

If you are only changing business name, then simply go to Settings > Business Details and update the name.

If you are changing the entire business, or adding a new one, the change is simple:

Initial steps for Managers:

  1. Create new Business File.
  2. Invite your Team to join the new Business.

We can provide assistance in the transition as a service (setting up, carrying across users with their permissions, roll-out). Please contact us for quote and timeline.

If you are a Team Member and have been requested to change company:

  1. You don’t need to register again, unless you’ve been invited under a new e-mail address.
  2. When you log in to Olivs, you will see the invitation to accept.
  3. If you are using our OnTime app, change the company you are linked to:
    1. On the app, tap Settings
    2. Tap on Change business file
    3. On the list, tap on the new business and tap OK.