How to create new Business File

How to create new Business File

If you are already registered:

On Your personal Dashboard:

Click New Business File – link above the list of Business Files.

New form will open: New Business File, where you can enter basic details:

  • Subscriber – who will pay for the subscription and manage this account. You can also add a new Subscriber by clicking New Subscriber button. This will take you to new form: New Subscriber.
  • Country – this will assign some country-specific settings.
  • Business Type – this will assign some settings, such as chart of accounts.
  • Business Name – name of your business – can be changed later.
  • ABN – Tax Code of your business, to be used on various reports.

When you’re done, a new form opens where you can enter more details and settings. You can enter them or simply start using the Business File.

If you are not registered:

Follow instructions on registering and setting up your first business file with Olivs.