Manage User information

Manage User information

User is a person that operates on your Business File. To change its details, go to menu:


Team > Users List

Users list

This list displays all users available. You can sort the list by clicking on header name. You can also search through the list by entering search phrase into Search Box above the grid, on the right-hand side.

You can also invite new users to join your Business File, by clicking ‘Invite User’ above the grid.

Edit user deatils

On the list, click on the row of the user you wish to edit

This is all the information that is used within this Business File. It is separate to Users’ own settings.

Personal Details

  • Name and contact details
  • Preferred language
  • Country of residence – for certain international settings
  • Department – default department for allocation of time entries and other reporting
  • Supervisor – may see and amend this User’s details, view rosters etc. Others may use this value to contact Supervisor

E-mail Details – these details will be used by users to send e-mails from Olivs: payslips, rosters, invoices etc.

  • SMTP Server, SMTP Port, SSL Enabled: these details should be provided by your e-mail host. Please confirm with the host that you can use third party applications to send e-mails.
  • SMTP Username, SMTP Password – your login details to the mailbox
  • CC Email, BCC Email – if you add e-mail address here, all messages sent by this User will be sent to this e-mail address, as CC or BCC respectively.
  • Footer – your contact details and all info you wish to be attached to each message template. All our e-mails are formatted as HTML

Other Details

  • Hire fee – this fee will apply to timesheet as hourly fee
  • Average cost – this hourly cost will be used in your time analysis reports
  • PIN – this is a PIN used in OnGate tablets
  • Verification Level – for verification of timesheets