Departments allow you to classify various records by your cost center or division in your business. Departments are further divided into Sites.

Menu: Settings


To add a department, click ‘Add’ button in the top section.

Departments list: you can sort the records – click on the header of the column you wish to have the sorting by. You can also search through the list – enter the search phrase into the Search Box above the grid, on the right-hand side.

Click on the department row to edit details:

  • Name – will be displayed on various reports and selections
  • Code – will be displayed on various reports and selections, where space is limited
  • Manager – for contact purposes. Manager will have authority over Users assigned to this department (through Sites).
  • Active – only active departments will be allowed to add Sites and have records assigned to them.

Right-click on the department to see Action Menu:

  • Edit – see above
  • Delete – remove this department – this action will not be possible if there are records with this department assigned. You may start with deleting Sites of this Department.
  • Sites – go to list of Sites for this Department.